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Best Packaging Materials

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No one really likes their goods delivered in a damaged state – and if they do receive, the blame immediately goes on the packers and transport guys! And we don't really want to be one of those who deliver goods throwing caution to the wind – we want to deliver them as carefully and cautiously as we can. Which is why, we've written this post – entirely dedicated to the best packaging materials available out there. Read on:

Foam peanuts: These foam peanuts, commonly known as ‘packaging peanuts' are the best buffers in packaging. They are typically used to fill up the hardboard boxes after the goods have been put in – to leave no space inside, thus minimizing the damage. These are primarily used when the goods are fragile in nature. The small size of these foam peanuts are what make them easily usable – plus, they are pretty cost effective too.

Bubble wrap: All-time favorite packaging material, the bubble wrap is fun to play with, but equally efficient too! Easily breakable materials such as those made of glass, or even electronic devices come wrapped in the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap not only makes the goods water-proof but it also adds a layer of cushioning to the goods – which keeps the goods safe damage even in case of volatility.

Foam sheet: This sheet comes handy when the shape and structure of the goods are not uniform – the foam sheet can be easily cut out and adjusted to the shape of the goods required. Foam sheets may be used in combination with bubble wraps and foam peanuts too, but they are expressly used when usage of the former two is not possible.

Wrapping paper: Wrapping paper is an add-on when it comes to packaging. It is either used to pack lightweight goods or is used to wrap the boxes, just to improve the look of them. However, if packing paper is used for the latter purpose, it is usually waterproof and thick – so that it doesn't tear during transportation.

Inflatables: This is the latest technology that creates air pockets within the boxes. The air pockets create a buffer zone between the box and the items placed inside – and this keeps the items safe despite the jerks during transportation and movement. The inflatables are used especially when the items are of high value.

Best Logistic Companies In The World

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In this world that is filled with a lot of industries, logistics is considered to be the backbone of them. Without logistics, the imports and exports from country to country would not be possible. For many industries to stay in business, both inbound and outbound logistics are mandatory. Many might think that logistics is just about picking the consignment from one place and delivering them to a particular destination. But there is a lot that goes into the process. In this article, we will see the best logistics companies in the world.

DHL Express

DHL Express is a German logistics company that has worldwide dominance in the logistics sector. There are four major divisions when it comes to DHL; they are DHL express, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Mail and DHL Supply Chain. It provides all kinds of logistic services with three modes of transportation. They have their own aircraft carriers, vessels, and trucks. They have gained a good reputation and managed to stay on the top for a long time.


UPS Supply Chain Management

The UPS Supply Chain Management was started in the year 1907. The founder of the company is James Casey. When it was started, it functioned as American Messenger Company. The company provides a wide range of solutions in logistics. The company has evolved by synchronizing supply chain management with fright, contract logistics, customs brokerage, and industry solutions. From the beginning, the company has acquired a lot of other firms. The latest to add to the list is the Parcel Pro.


FedEx is one of the world famous companies that were established in the year 1971. It is an American company that is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Fredrick W. Smith is the founder of the company. It has been named among the top 100 companies by Fortune 100. FedEx has constantly been developing its business in various countries and still expanding. They are also committed to being eco-friendly and involve in a lot of charity activities.


SNCF is a French logistics company that is headquartered in Monaco. There are 5 activities that the company accommodates. They are SNCF Infra, Proximities, Voyages, Logistics and Connexions. SNCF is the most preferred logistic company in Europe. The exceptional performance of the company is because of the Geodis that manages the logistics, SVTA that provides the strategies for logistics, TFMM which specializes in rail and freight forwarding and ERMEWA which offers long term leasing for rail transportation.

DB Schenker

DB Schenker is also a German company that provides complete logistics solutions. It has Air freight, ocean freight, and road freight services. The company nearly has 100000 staffs and as of now present in nearly 140 nations. The founder of the company is Gottfrid Schenker. The company is a part of the DB group. DB Schenker specializes in providing logistic solutions for heavy industries. It is very reason why you can find a lot of big industry names on their client list.