Go for an adequate size suitcase

Remember before buying or determining a suitcase for your adventure that the bigger your bag is, the more space available for you to hoard on additional and extra items. Many expert adventurers recommend going for a hard side suitcase with an ideal height of 22 inches. Determining such hard-sided suitcases confirm that you will not be able to load in any extra items and moreover it more convenient to carry.


Follow the clothing countdown

Bearing in mind the clothing countdown mantra which is basically the 5, 4,3,2,1 rule to follow when packing clothes. This rule translates into not packing more than five pairs of undergarments and socks, four shirts or tees, three pairs of pants or jeans, two pairs of shoes or sandals and a hat. However, this rule can be adjusted according to personal requirements.

Spread out everything you need, then alter effectively

It is a smart tip first to spread out and lay everything you need for the trip and effectively eliminate items based on necessity and whether you will be able to purchase it on tour, therefore reducing luggage and making the trip restrictive to carry on bags.

Pack smartly

Packing the clothes in the suitcase is like playing the arcade game, Tetris. You are required to fill every gap correctly, making enough and more room for other items. Few tips to keep in mind when packing is rolling the socks inside the shoe, pack the footwear in a plastic cover to prevent any dirt from coming in contact with the clothes and roll your clothes to provide maximum space when packing. Packing cubes are a good idea as well.

Maintain necessary liquids to reach

Regular fliers recommend maintaining essential fluids and toiletries on top of the clothes as often time’s airport security and customs upon scanning may ask you to open up the suitcase to confirm the nature of the liquids.

Always remember to pack your toiletries separately

Remember never to unpack your essential toiletries and spread over your clothes as it could take up more space and could cause clutter within the suitcase. You can redress this issue by packing all your essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts, etc. into small cover or pouch to save up on space and clutter.