Interesting Facts About Logistics

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Every product that we use or even see has its own journey from being a raw material to be shaped and manufactured into material that we can use. One of the important parts of this journey is logistics. The entire logistic sector has gone through a lot of makeovers, innovations, and development. We have come to a point where we are getting things delivered within a day. Most of us have this perception that logistics is just about picking up the consignment and delivering it in a particular destination. But it is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of steps and complications involved in the process.

One of the largest job creators

From the high-level executives to low-level employees, the entire logistics industry is providing nearly five percent of the jobs in the global market. As per the reports, there are thousands of vacancies in the industry for both skilled and unskilled labor. When it comes to logistics, there is always a demand because logistics plays an integral role in most of the industry’s working procedure.

The sectors

Logistics which is one of the biggest industries in the world consists of six sectors. The first four refers to transportation. They are road, maritime, airways and railways. The next two sectors refer to storage procedures. They are storing and warehousing. They might be separate sectors, but they are well coordinated with each other for flawless functioning. There are only a few companies that offer all the above-mentioned services.

The Second World War

Buying a product from some corner of the world and getting it shipped to our location is a very normal thing to happen today. But things were very different in the past. During the Second World War, the soldiers were sent to different parts of the world. It was mandatory to coordinate and supply the necessary things to everyone. As days passed the demand for logistics increased. It was difficult for the government and armed forces to handle things on their own. At that time a lot of logistic companies came in and provided their services which later on turned out to be a great profit making business.

Most of the industries heavily rely on logistics

It is really hard to think of some industry that does not have logistics as a part of it. From the industry that makes chocolates that cost one cent to the industry that manufactures cars that cost one million, every industry in one way or the other is dependent on logistics. Most of the industries have their manufacturing in one country or in a few other countries. But they will have a market all around the world. It is possible only because of the logistics industry.

The role of automation

I the last decade there are a lot of industries that have automated various processes and logistics is not an exception. Even though they have not come to a point to use self-driving trucks, it is something that we can expect in the future.