When a new product is launched in the market, the first thing (before the product itself) which draws the attention of the masses is the packaging!  A typical human tendency is to be drawn to something that is attractive – and the same rule applies to the packaging. So if you’re about to launch a new product in the market, what are the things you should keep in mind:

Let the product reflect in the design:
You should try your best to get the product reflected in the design of the packaging – this is the first step towards drawing the attention of the market to your product. Let your product inspire the design, taglines, pictorial representation colors and other aspects.

Go bold:

Bold colors are another strategy to gain the attention of the target crowd. It has often been noticed that brighter wrappings and packing is what catches the eye most. So use a color scheme that’s not only bold but also in sync with what your product is.

Know your target crowd:
If your target crowd includes little kids, go in for bright colors, cartoons, and huge handwriting. At the same time, if your target crowd is youngsters, a witty tagline which resonates with them will work wonders! Knowing who your target crowd is and using this to design the packaging is one trick which will help you boost your sales.

Keep it simple:

The written part of your packaging should be simple to understand. Don’t complicate things by using words that are hard to process. Also, keep the font relevant and legible. If people aren’t able to read or understand what you are trying to communicate, your effort will go vain. Keep it easy, that’s the trick.

Product protection:
While the appearance of your packaging comes secondary, the sole purpose why you pack your product is to keep it safe from the external environment. So make sure the material that your use for packaging purposes is suitable to the product by all means. Before anything else, this is a significant checkbox that has to be ticked.

Include relevant details:
The packaging should have all the essential details printed clearly on it – the date and place of manufacturing, the date of expiry, consumer helpline number and more importantly, clearly printed ingredients. These are a few important details that you have to print on your packaging.

There you go, we’ve covered almost all the important aspects that you need to consider while packaging.