The underlying principle behind any tour is to limit the amount of luggage you need by packing only the essentials. Here are a few tips on how to pack smart by avoiding certain items.


Gone are the days of travelers packing their favorite novels and reading them on trips. Instead, switch to using a Kindle as the e-book can store all your favorite novels, is lightweight and remarkably easy to carry compared to it traditionally heavy books.

A new set of clothes each day

Packing a set of new attire for each day of your trip is the easiest way to hoard space in your bag. Instead, think smart and pack around three bottom and four top pairs of clothes and do not be afraid of doing a bit of laundry on your extended stays.

An excessive amount of denim

Although denim clothes are desirable since they are tough, hide stains and feel good, they, unfortunately, are heavy clothes even when rolled. You can limit your pair of pieces of denim to one or two followed up by a few linen pants, khakis, leggings to make your luggage lighter.


Decide upon whether it is necessary to pack all your essential toiletries since the hotel you will be staying will complimentarily provide their kit of toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and more.

Makeup bag

Limit your makeup only to the essentials you require during the trip. Purchasing a travel makeup kit is a good idea for the girls who cannot travel without their makeup kit.

Hair styling tools

Carrying hair styling tools such as curling iron and blow dryer can make the bag heavy and occupy much space as well. Instead, avoid carrying such since the hotel will provide a hair dryer and even if they don’t it is okay, considering that the journey is temporary for short few days and going without them won’t be such a hindrance.

Avoid packing more than two devices

Tend to restrict yourself on packing a smartphone with its charger and a kindle with its charger if you are on a pleasure trip. However, if you are on business, you will tend to need additional devices such as laptops, tablets, etc. Excessive electronics can distract you and add weight as well.

Expensive accessories

Touring with precious and valuable jewelry, watches, etc. can make you prime targets for theft. Why do you simply want to risk it?


When on a trip you will experience the local delicacies there, so there is no use of hoarding massive amounts of home food when traveling. However, packing a few snacks during your journey isn’t wrong.

Sheets and towels

Do not even think about packing additional sheets and towels considering that your hotel will provide a pair of clean towels and sheets. You can consider packing a couple of towels and sheets if you are going on a camping trip.